Training Institute

The training process that leads to the desired transformation of the people we rescue from the streets and bring to the God Bless Nigeria Church entails a well structured teaching programme strategically designed for the purpose.

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Leadership in the God Bless Nigeria church is led by the Strategy Team headed Pastor Tony Rapu. This team is supported by a network of Departmental Heads and other pastors that constitute the G100 – GBN’s leadership hub.

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Staff School

The GBN staff school forms the Junior Church and is made up of children from the age of 0-13 years. The school focuses on impacting interesting facts about the Bible especially about Bible Heroes whose lives we emulate today.

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The Music of the GBN Church depicts the eclectic nature of the congregation. Unique and inspiring, it is spirit lifting and blesses the soul.

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We have a strong prayer community that stands in the gap for the people, the work and the Body of Christ in general.

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Youth Church

The Youth Church provides a platform where our teenagers are equipped with basic Biblical principles to cope with these social struggles.

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Be part of Sunday Service via Live Stream and have the kingdom experience.

Live Streaming