Prison Ministry



According to the Nigeria Crime Service, based on statistics, the first few weeks after release from prison are critical in the life of any ex-offender and if not properly managed, usually leave the released inmate vulnerable to returning to a crime oriented lifestyle. Our Prison Ministry strives to curb that trend by providing a platform for the much needed reform.




Our ultimate goals are:

  • Reduce the regression rate of offenders,
  • Aid the restoration of their lives through intellectual, emotional and spiritual influences that are directed to help them discard harmful patterns and unhealthy attitudes,
  • Avoid addictive and destructive relationships and behavior
  • Help them stay out of prison and become positive contributors to society.

In addition to on-site ministry, support groups conducted at GBN give men and women offenders a place to restructure their identity, an atmosphere of acceptance and an opportunity to share time with those who understand, care and provide role modeling. Family support groups are open to all individuals who have family members or strong relationships with someone incarcerated.

We step beyond the boundaries of religion and offer, not only hope through the Gospel, but some practical assistance to a world disabled by dysfunction.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]